I'm Marissa. I'm a Midwest-based film wedding photographer, although my work often takes me from the east to west coast, and across the globe, which I never take for granted. Having the opportunity to meet so many different people and experience all different walks of life is truly such a blessing.
Being an artist is something I knew I wanted to be from a young age, and I truly cherish every chance I get to tell someone else’s story and grow in my creativity. I love being able to create and preserve memories for my clients, and turn those moments and memories into pieces of art.

Here to TELL your epic tale WHILE CREATING ART

Marissa Is a Destination Film & Digital Wedding Photographer

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In capturing the emotions of all of the spontaneous moments, big and small.

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For me, it's all about providing my couples with direction when needed and utilizing the best possible light in any situation to capture each individual as their truest self. I work intentionally to document the emotions of all of the spontaneous moments, and artfully capture all of the thoughtful details that make each wedding day unique.

In all the moments, big or small.

I believe

MY PHILOSOPHY and approach

— Burk Uzzle

with life.


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My clients come from all over the world, but always have some things in common. They make each other laugh nonstop, they love trying new foods and exploring incredible new places together. Their family are the most important people to them, and they can't wait to see everyone celebrating all together.  They envision a chic, classic event, but are ready to tear up the dance floor with their closest friends at the end of the night. They are looking forward to the details and fashion of the wedding day, but know that love is what is most important. They are warm and compassionate, and inclusive of all humans from every walk of life, regardless of race, sexual orientation or beliefs.

They care about style over trends and want to celebrate with the people that matter the most.

MY clients relish in the details Yet LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST

MY clients


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